Hummingbee + Our Imperfect Model

We're not a regular Eco Shop, we're a ~cool~ Eco Shop.

If you're new here, welcome to Hummingbee! This lil eco shop is full of sustainably and ethically made home, hair, skin, and self care goodies. All are welcome here, we like more color than just beige, and we don't expect you to be a minimalist. (But minimalists and beige-fanatics are welcome all the same! We see you, we appreciate you.)

We believe living sustainably can and should still be fun! Being imperfectly zero waste and always asking better of the companies we support leads to large scale change. So while most of our products are plastic free, there are a select few that still have plastic involved.


I know, shocking. But sometimes a plastic free option doesn't exist yet, and we would rather provide the best option available than no option at all.

Hummingbee was created because we wanted to share a love of small sustainable brands, while also normalizing a type of shopping that, until recent years, was unheard of. More and more eco shops are popping up, and we think that is AMAZING news!! This isn't competition, but instead means accessibility to more people and that the demand for this type of consumption is growing.

As the demand grows, consumers (that's you!) are forcing major corporations, driven by fossil fuels and profit, and legislatures to be held accountable. This one little eco shop may not solve the climate crisis, but our collective action and advocacy just might.

Let me be clear, however, you are not responsible. You or I are not responsible for fixing this major mess we're in.

We can do our best, but the real responsibility lies with those in a position of power to make global change. Don't stop fighting, advocating, and supporting small businesses, but don't put your own mental or physical health on the line in doing so. Your best is absolutely good enough, and we need you healthy to continue the fight for climate justice!

So take your reusable water bottle, grab your favorite upcycled bucket hat, and go out and enjoy some sunshine and mother nature with the peace that you're already doing everything you can.


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