Our 6 Bestsellers in the First 6 Months of Hummingbee

Today marks 6 months of Hummingbee! I've had a blast in these first few months as an eco shop owner, finding and curating a catalog of incredible products to provide to customers has been an absolute dream.

To celebrate our 6 monthiversary, let's go through our 6 current bestsellers!



Terrazzo Gem Soaps

It's no surprise that starting off our list is the most beautiful soap you've ever laid eyes on. Elevate your bar soap game and feel extra luxurious and trendy each time you reach for it.

These soaps are handmade, hand cut, and made with only the finest ingredients.



Tongue Scraper

Have you ever seen such a stunning tongue scraper? Who knew dental care could be so beautiful! Enjoy this plastic free addition to your routine that aids in removing bacteria and reducing bad breath.



Hair Brush Cleaning Tool

If you haven't heard of one of these before... well now you have, and you're welcome. This is the most handy little device you didn't know you need, and your hair brush will be thanking you for it.

*Pro tip: not only is this tool plastic free with a compostable base, but the hair you clean out of your brush is compostable too!



Bamboo Toothbrush

Coming in at number 3 is a zero waste classic! You can't go wrong with a bamboo toothbrush, and we even have color options available so you don't mix up yours from your roommates. 

And because we know you need the reminder, your toothbrush is supposed to be replaced every 3-4 months 😬 Go compost that nasty one sitting on your counter, and grab a couple replacements so you're set for next time!



Lip Balm

Long gone are the days of big brand chap sticks that don't even work (I swear they just dried my lips out instead?!) These lip balms are made from simple ingredients, that you can recognize, and that will actually work. This is a lip balm you won't lose so that you can actually finish the tube!

Not to mention the tons of fun flavor options like Marshmallow Creme, Island Coconut, and Pomegranate Peach 🌴🥥🍑



USB Rechargeable Lighter

Our #1 bestseller at Hummingbee has been the rechargeable lighter! Forget about the half dead propane lighter in your junk drawer, this will be the last lighter you'll ever need.

The irony is that this product was almost not even added to Hummingbee, because it does have some ✨plastic✨ involved.

But we believe in providing the best option available, rather than to provide no option at all. Maybe one day we'll find a truly plastic free lighter, but for now a reusable imperfect option will prevent so much waste from going to the landfill! That's a huge win in our books.


Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Hummingbee in it's first 6 months of business! I can't wait to see what your favorite products are for the next 6 months and what the future holds for Hummingbee ❤️

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