Bamboo Jar Lid - With Hole



These solid bamboo lids are perfect for taking your smoothie or coffee on the go! You don’t need another coffee mug, you just need a lid to upcycle and old jar!

Made to fit regular and wide mouth canning jars which includes many popular brand jams, nut butters, pasta sauce jars etc.


Do not place in microwave or dishwasher, hand wash.


Separate the silicone from the lid. The wood is fully compostable.

To dispose of silicone: it can be burned to ash. Medical grade silicone is derived from silica, which is found in sand. While silicone is made through a chemical process, it is made from natural materials, so the ash left behind isn’t harmful to the environment. We recommend tossing into an outdoor fire, as silicone alone won't hold a flame well.

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