Totally Taylored

Reversible Bucket Hat - Blue Handkerchief + Khaki



Take on the day with this retro reversible bucket hat! Inspired to be worn with confidence in the sun, around town, or wherever you're headed! Handmade in Athens, GA with upcycled fabric to prevent textile waste from ending up in landfills. 

This hat features a vintage blue handkerchief pattern paired with a khaki fabric, perfect for fall! It has a nice soft brim so no worries about it getting in your way.

One size fits most!


Made of upcycled fabrics.

All fabric is prewashed and preshrunk for your convenience.


This product should last a very long time with proper care. If you need to dispose, we recommend upcycling fabric scraps (for example extra stuffing for an old throw pillow) or check with a local thrift store as many of them send fabric scraps to textile recycling plants.

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