Reusable Silicone Lids - Set of Six



These transparent reusable silicone wraps are ideal for covering bowls, cups, cans, jars, fruit and so on. They are extremely stretchy and can cover a range of sizes. Since they are clear in color you can easily identify what’s been wrapped.

Stretch the silicone hugger over bowl/fruit.


These silicone lids should be washed at the end of every use. While silicone lids can go into the dishwasher, hand washing is recommended to prolong the life of the mat.


These silicone lids can last for years. But when it’s finally time to get a new set, it can be burned to ash. Medical grade silicone is derived from silica, which is found in sand. While silicone is made through a chemical process, it is made from natural materials, so the ash left behind isn’t harmful to the environment. We recommend tossing into an outdoor fire, as silicone alone won't hold a flame well.

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