The USB Lighter Co

USB Rechargeable Lighter



This non-disposable rechargeable lighter provides an eco-conscious lighter that can do just about anything.

Perfect for lighting: candles, fireplaces, gas bbq's, and kitchen stoves.

Our lighters are easy to use and powered by a lithium-ion battery which eliminates the toxic butane.


- No toxic butane gas
- 100% USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- 1.5 hour charge time or up to 300 lights per charge
- Easy to use - switch and button
- Designed and manufactured with the environment in mind
- Includes 1 USB lighter and 1 charging cable


This lighter is packaged in a paper box with a plastic insert, please recycle both in curbside recycling.

Should you need to dispose of the lighter, please recycle where small electronics are accepted, at a local facility or retailers such as Best Buy and Target often have electronic recycling drop offs.

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